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Glossary - K - O


k - no entries

LAB colour

Stands for Lightness, plus A and B channels. LAB colour is used so that the colours defined in artwork can be unambiguously output on any device supporting this standard, and the colour will not vary. LAB values can be matched between Quark Express and the B2 Cromalin machine to gain the closest possible match for a Pantone colour.

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After metallizing, all CD’s are protected with a lacquer by spin coating.

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Lancing pack

The Lancing Pack is a card wallet with an additional flap or flaps. The disc is protected from both sides and can have a thumb cut or crescent cut on the disc panel which helps make removing the disc easier. The variation of panels is endless and it depends on the number of discs it needs to hold and the amount of graphics needed to display. Lancing Packs can also be finished with a pocket to hold a booklet or insert with additional product information. A cost effective way to mail out your CD/DVD - just add postage and security sticker.

See Lancing Pack for more details

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Stands for lines per inch. The number of lines per inch that a printer will lay down in order to create a printed image.

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Available in two capacities, the magiCarD™ 30 & magiCarD 100™ (CD-R Business Card)

CD-ROM business cards allow you to deliver your presentation in a truly eye opening way.

The magiCarD™ 30 measures 85mm by 58mm and holds 30MB of data, more than adequate for most presentations, plus the magiCarD™ 100, which measures 85mm by 68mm and stores 100MB of data.

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Maltese cross pack

The maltese cross pack provides secure disc packaging incorporating multi-panel design. On opening the pack the disc is housed in the center panel, either free or on a foam stud. The maltese cross pack is perfect for evolving as a responsive CD mailer. Additional flaps can be produced with a tear-off panel that can be reply-mailed back to source or it can also incorporate a peel-&-seal closer flap. The maltese cross pack can also house a variety of print inserts,we would suggest that you work with the cross pack with the spines if you are looking for anything that needs to house a disc + more than a 4 page booklet.

See CD Maltese Cross Pack or DVD Maltese Cross Pack for more details.

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n - no entries

Offset lithographic printing

The basic principle on which offset litho works is that “oil and water do not mix”. A litho printing plate has non-image areas which absorb water. During printing the plate is kept wet so that the ink, which is inherently greasy, is rejected by the wet areas and adheres to the image areas.

Artwork is produced digitally with graphic design software. An imagesetter is then used to produce films (either positive or negative). When printing with more than one colour there is a separated film for each ink used. Each film is used to make a printing plate by a photochemical process. The plate surface has non-image areas which absorb moisture and repel ink.

The flexible plates, which can be made of a variety of materials, are attached to the plate cylinder. The plate is kept moist throughout so that ink only adheres to image areas.

During every cycle of the press, the ink image is first transferred to a rubber surfaced blanket cylinder and is then transferred from there to the paper. This indirect method is the 'offset' after which the process is named. The blanket cylinder's flexibility both preserves the delicate plate and conforms to the surface of textured papers.

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On-body print/On-disc printing

The term used for the print on the upper surface of any given disc.

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