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At discpack we offer a wide range of CD packaging and DVD packaging solutions.

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Take advantage of our complete design service, and let us create a packaging solution for your optical media requirements.

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Discpack - Our Services

Design services

In-house design and artwork

When you require assistance with the design of your on-body printing or packaging, we can help you with your project.

We have full PC and Mac facilities for assistance with artwork, whether simply outputting film or designing your print for you from the start.

From conception to creation, our versatility with popular operating systems and essential software applications in the design industry means that we can pretty much cope with any kind of design requirements.

Any artwork files that are sent to us for printing will be quality checked by our pre-press department for compatibility and suitability. Follow this link if you would like to read our Artwork checklist prior to submission.

We also provide free design templates in a variety of formats. Choose from PDF, EPS or Quark format. Our Disc and Case Templates page contains these links and further information should you require it.

Content Design

We specialise in putting your project together, whether it's content or programme design. Over the years we have forged relationships with a number of content specialists that we work seamlessly with.

After an initial consultation with you, we evaluate your requirements and budgets then recommend an expert technically and geographically suited to your needs.
You will work closely with the designer to get your content just right.

Free design templates

We have many design templates which correspond to the different printers we use to produce either screen, litho, digital or inkjet discs.

Each template may contain dimensions which can vary by a few millimetres.

Visit which is also part of Optical Media Group. Here, you can download as many free design templates as you need.

CD and DVD duplication and replication

CD & DVD Duplication and Replication

In addition to our print and CD packaging solutions we also offer a wide variety of CD duplication and DVD replication services.

CD Duplication FAQ
What is the difference between CD duplication and CD replication?
The difference is in the manfacturing process, CD replication uses the original master disc to create a glass master which in turn allows for a stamper to be made. This stamper is then used to create an exact replica of the master copy. CD Duplication on the other hand, refers to burning data onto a disk using a laser, as is done in home computing.

Is the quality level of a duplicated CD lower than a replicated CD?
No, CD duplication and CD replication have the ability to store the same information without any loss of quality or data.

What is the turnaround for CD duplication?
CD duplication orders usually take 1 - 3 days to complete. Please call us to discuss on 01274 656565.

What ais the minimum order for CD duplication?
The minimum order for our CD duplication service is 50.

What CD Packaging Supplies are available?
HDC Media Group offer a wide range of CD packaging solutions for your CD duplication project. After spending so much time and effort perfecting the content and print of your CD, it is important to get an eye catching packaging for your CD to grab your end users attention.

We have a wide range of standard ‘off the shelf’ CD packaging solutions for you to choose from such as Digifiles, Card Wallets, Double Card Wallets, Mailers, CD Stud Packs, Digipaks, the JakeBox, Lancing Packs, Q Wallets, Maltese Cross Packs, Slider Packs, Amaray Style Cases, Clear Plastic Wallets, C Shells, Jewel Cases, Slimline Jewel Cases, Super Jewel Cases,Trigger Packs and CD Tins. If you do not see the packaging supplies you are looking for, let us know!

What are my CD print options?
Inkjet - Inkjet printing sprays extremely small droplets of ink from jets onto the surface of an inkjet printable CD. After the printing process the CDs are protected with a coating of a gloss UV varnish making the CDs less vulnerable to smudging and scratches.

Inkjet printing is ideal for any artwork and as it has the advantage of low set up costs and a low minimum volume run.

Digital - Digital printing uses a digital imaging process that transfers the image directly onto the disc without the need for traditional offset rollers and plates.

Digital printing is ideal for very quick short runs or for personalised print and has the advantage of low set up costs and a low minimum volume run.

Litho - Litho printing uses a technique where the inked image is placed on a printing plate (usually zinc/aluminium) in a series of dots, made from Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK). this is then imprinted on a rubber cylinder and then transferred (offset) to the disc.

Litho printing is an ideal method of print for images with gradients of colour. The image must be supplied as 'pixel' artwork made from CMYK separations.

Screen - Screen printing uses a technique where ink is pushed through a nylon or polyester screen. The result is a perfect crisp edge.

Screen printing is an ideal method of print for block colour artwork. The logo must be supplied as 'vector' artwork and coloured in Pantone Solid Coated colours.

Do you provide artwork proofs?
We supply a PDF proof free of charge, which accurately show the layout but are not colour accurate. A colour accurate proof may be purchased at an extra cost. We can also supply a physical pre-production printed disc at an extra cost.

Do you provide artwork templates?
We can offer a full selection of PDF design templates.

Do you offer a design service?
Yes we have an in-house design team who will work closely with you to get the design just right.

Why should I use your service when I already have a CD writer drive in my PC?
Our CD duplication service can take the strain away from your CD writer. We have specialised CD print and lacquer duplication machinery in-house which are specially designed to produce copies quickly, accurately and with a professional look.

Why should I use HDC Media?
We have over 11 years experience in the optical media industry which means we have the knowledge and the expertise to provide CD duplication of the highest quality as well as offering excellent customer service. Our highly experienced Account Managers will take you through yoru project step-by-step and are always happy and on hand to answer your questions and help in any way they can.

What areas do you cover?
We have CD Duplication clients from all over the UK including Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff, Brighton, Bristol, Oxford, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Sheffield and Hull all of which use our services regularly.

Please visit for full details on the cd duplication and cd replication services on offer. HDC provides an all-in-one solution to your optical media duplication requirements including CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DualDisc, CD Business Cards, Vinyl Pressing, USB duplication and mini CD 8cm replication.


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