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Tuck-in carton with bespoke inner fitment

Our customer approached us for a bespoke packaging solution to encompass various PC components, along with an information CD-ROM and booklet. The project was to replace an existing process of bundling the items in a plastic wallet.

The company is based in Northampton, UK, and Seattle, Washington, and concentrates particularly on software tools for literacy.

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Defining a project brief

The look and feel of the packaging should be robust to suit the high quality retail value of the product.

As shown above, a consistent shape was carried across from existing software packages which are produced in DVD Amaray cases.

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Concept and product proposal

We created white board samples which highlighted a change in the inner fitment. We amended the dimensions to create a tighter fit around the CD-ROM which sits on top of the inner fitment.

The final product created was a DVD sized tuck-end carton made from a thick coated white lineboard which made the product durable and sturdy. The inner fitment held a USB adaptor securely in place while creating a separate 'hidden' section for a cable. Finally, the printed parts and CD-ROM sat on top of the hidden section.

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Project evaluation

HDC successfully completed this project entirely using phone, email and the internet for communication. This also gave our customer the opportunity to use our free on-line design templates in order to set up their artwork.

HDC received some great feedback and in particular our customer was pleased with the useful prototype samples we created and the help given on setting up their artwork correctly.

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