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4-page 2-disc Softpack


4 page softpack with full colour printed cd-rom and dvd-rom
This marketing and design company is a multi-disciplined group who are active in :
  • Advertising
  • Promotional literature
  • Corporate image
  • Website design
  • Exhibitions and display.


4 page softpack with full colour printed cd-rom and dvd-rom


Defining a project brief

Our customer required a multi-page information brochure to be graphically eye-catching and also able to hold x1 CD-ROM and x1 DVD-ROM.

Cost effective packaging was an important factor due to the high number of units being produced.

Although the pack didn't need to be mail-proof, it needed to be well designed to effectively hold 2 discs securely in place.


4 page softpack with full colour printed cd-rom and dvd-rom


Concept and product proposal

To meet the customer's requirements, we proposed the following features:

  • an 8-page folded Softpack, a 4-page centre spread, double saddle-stitched together
  • full colour offset lithographic print
  • 250gsm gloss substrate
  • 2 die-cut slits, one in each end panel at 119mm in length to effectively hold two discs at 120mm
  • 1 full colour lithographic printed CD-ROM
  • 1 full colour lithographic printed DVD-ROM.


4 page softpack with full colour printed cd-rom and dvd-rom


Project evaluation

Once the above specification was proposed to the customer for approval, the following features were highlighted to achieve maximum cost effectiveness.

  • the 'roll-fold' style Softpack with many panels allowed easy placement of artwork and text, creating a very easy to read booklet
  • die-cut slits to hold discs that were simple and inexpensive to produce
  • full colour print to denote product quality.

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