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Case Study


Case study 1 - Merchant Technology Case study 2 - Agog Case study 3 - Crick Software Case study 4 - DFES

Tuck end carton with slipcase

Stage 1 - Evaluating your project
Our first case study customer was searching for a packaging solution to hold :
  • an information CD-ROM
  • a pack of laminated information cards
  • an information brochure.

The company is a modern company formed to fulfil the need for expertise in providing electronic commerce systems to all sectors of business. They were looking for a unique optical media storage idea, combined with product packaging which needed bespoke interior and a professional look and feel to it.

One of our Account Managers contacted the customer to discuss the requirements of the job in further detail.

Stage 2 - Defining a project brief
We created a project brief which listed all the individual specifications of both the packaging and its respective contents.

This included the following:

  • a slipcase and box with a tuck-end lid, to hold a CD disc, a pack of laminated information cards and a booklet, all to be held securely without any of the contents moving around
  • a box to be as small as possible for storage purposes
  • a box to be durable enough to withstand everyday wear-and-tear without causing damage to the contents. The box is to be sold through retail outlets.
Stage 3 - Engaging in consultation

Our consultation procedure gave us the opportunity to fine-tweak our developing proposal. Suggestions were made and then integrated into the proposal, which resulted in the inclusion of a recess in the inner fitment to hold a jewel case and booklet. The inner fitment also included a hidden compartment to hold a clip for the plastic cards, thus optimising the box space further.

The image displayed in Stage 2 shows our Account Manager’s initial technical line drawing. Our customer was very pleased upon seeing this, and advised that this fully captured the requirements of his project in its entirety.

Stage 4 - Outlining a proposal

Once the initial discussions were finalised, a more detailed proposal was given to the company which included indications of both cost and timescales.
Stage 5 - Product samples
With the conceptual design elements being finalised, we were able to create a plain white board sample of our customer’s slipcase and box, together with a digital Cromalin proof which gave a clear representation of the final print quality and colour.

Upon receiving the sample of the packaging, a few amendments were raised and integrated into the design. These included:

  • increasing the thumbhole size
  • making a double strength rear spine to avoid tearing
  • adding an extra die-cut hole to accommodate for the neck-strap clip on the pack of laminated cards.
Stage 6 - Proposition & evaluation of project costs

We provided a highly competitive quote to the customer which was subsequently agreed, allowing us to proceed onto the next stage of the project.

Stage 7 - Agreement of project approval

Our customer was happy to approve the project in full, allowing us to go ahead with the production of the job. All samples, artwork and specifications were passed through our rigorous quality checking procedures one last time before being passed to our Production department.

With the commencement of production, we were able to provide a definitive delivery date, and continually provided progress reports throughout the production timeline where necessary.

Stage 8 - Evaluate project campaign success

Upon delivery, and with yet another successful project almost completed, our team made a business-wide analysis of the entire life of the project so far. This report highlighted our praised achievements, along with areas of improved efficiency should the project run a second time.
Stage 9 - Provide feedback

Finally, we were proud to receive highly positive feedback from the customer at the end of the project, which was well received by the whole business and denoted another successful result. They commented on their overall satisfaction with the functional inner fitting and high gloss outer cover. Both these attributes contributed to the overall "value for money", increasing both sales revenue and customer satisfaction.

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